Yellow Vegeta Deck Guide

Learn how to play Yellow Vegeta in Fusion World with our in-depth guide.

Heya everyone! Yellow FB02-105-vegeta is one of our new Leaders in FB02 of Dragon Ball Super Fusion World. The Yellow Leader wants to control the board and make it rough for opponents to attack with their Battle Cards. The FB02 expansion brings new Yellow cards that play into Vegeta's game plan, but I expect the Leader will get even stronger as more future cards are released that synergize with his ability to switch Rested Energy to Active.

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Game plan


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Yellow Vegeta's Awaken skill lets you switch two of your Rested Energy to Active mode at the end of your turn. This means we get to spend all our Energy during our turn to develop the board and present a threat while maintaining the ability to play Extra cards during our defensive turn thanks to Leader Vegeta giving us 2 Active Energy.

With Leader's skill in mind, we're including more Extra cards than we usually do in other decks, since thanks to Vegeta, we're able to take advantage of them and protect our Battle Cards from getting KO'd.

There are currently two versions floating around, one focused on controlling the board and the other uses Frieza Clan cards for an aggressive gameplan. This guide will be tailored for the controlish version, but I'll share the cards you'll need for a more aggressive playstyle.

Self Awaken Cards

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Self Awaken cards are crucial to Awaken our Leader as fast as possible. This deck runs a couple of them, but aren't only included for their Self-damage effect, as they're also contributing to the deck's game plan.

FS04-12-frieza is troublesome for opponents, he's offering self-damage and resting a cost 3 or less Battle Card, allowing you to attack it and threaten to KO it. The rest effect is useful to weaken the opponent's board and pick off Battle Cards with pesky skills. This is a top priority card we want to play on turn 2, its 20,000 Power is no laughing matter, and a Leader with 15,000 Power can't just attack it without a Combo play backup.

FB01-124-neiz is a 20,000 Power blocker that can also self-damage our Leader. We'll usually prefer to play FS04-12-frieza over him since FB01-124-neiz will better serve as a +10,000 Combo play.

We want to play FB02-133-vegeta on turn 3, which immediately provides a protection layer for all your rested Battle Cards on the board, preventing opponents from KOing them using skills. So cards like FB01-015-son-goku or FS04-04-king-cold won't find much use. It is situation though, and opponents can play around it.

Additionally, FB02-133-vegeta can cheat out a 1-cost Battle Card for free, and we're usually aiming to play FB02-130-bulma along with him. However, FS04-07-sorbet still can be useful play for his card draw. We'll only go for FS04-11-frieza if there's a target for us to Rest.

FB02-130-bulma is one of our strongest 1-cost cards, offering a self-damage ability and two skills to choose from. FB02-130-bulma can either help you control the board by resting a Battle Card, allowing you to attack it, or draw you a card. In most cases, you'll opt for card draw, giving you more resources for the later game.

Since in most cases, we'll play FB02-130-bulma through FB02-133-vegeta, we'll get to activate her card draw effect consistently since she has to see a rested 3-cost on the board. FB02-133-vegeta going for the attack fulfills that condition.

Board Shutdown

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The Yellow Vegeta deck runs a couple of cards capable of resting Battle Cards which enable you to attack and threaten to KO them. 2c is great for shutting down any of the low-power Battle Cards that the opponent is relying on. But 1c [card[FS04-11-frieza can do much more. He's able to rest a Battle Card regardless of its cost and he can be played as a combo piece with your other cards in the later stages of the game.

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As for, FB02-119-son-goku, he's more of a late-game carry card that'll make things awkward for the opponent. FB02-119-son-goku thrives on a board with rested Battle Cards, his On Play and When Attacking skills let you pick a Rested Battle Card and keep it rested for another turn. With FB02-119-son-goku's skill triggering twice on the turn he's played, we're shutting down two Battle Cards and allowing us to ignore them while we put our resources into either KOing other targets or pushing Leader damage.

Those Battle Cards we rested are pretty much useless for the opponent and will remain Rested until our next attack turn, so we can keep one of them Rested again with FB02-119-son-goku and try to KO the other one.

Defense Plan

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FB01-113-cooler is our strongest Blocker with 30,000 Power, making it difficult for opponents to force their way through him. What makes FB01-113-cooler a great defensive card is his skill to rest a Battle Card, effectively weakening the opponent's attack turn.

Ideally, the Battle Card we want to rest should be 2-cost so FB01-113-cooler can KO it. However, depending on the state of the game, we might opt to rest a higher-cost Battle Card that presents a massive threat that we can't ignore.

FB01-113-cooler synergizes with our Extra like FB02-137-time-rewound and FB02-136-blue-power-awakening and since Leader Vegeta is giving us 2 Energy on defensive turns, we can reliably set up the combo play.

With FB01-113-cooler acting as our blocker, FB02-137-time-rewound can put him back on Active mode, forcing the opponent to go through that 30,000 Blocker a second time in one turn. With FB02-136-blue-power-awakening, FB01-113-cooler can instead Rest a higher-cost target, allowing you to KO it with your Extra card.

He's pretty much a defensive wall that can pick off pesky targets. We want to try and keep him on the board for as long as possible. Although he's a blocker, his skill can be activated when he goes for the attack as well. So let's say opponent has two Battle Cards on the board, we're able to attack one of them with FB01-113-cooler (the 30,000 Power will force Combo plays from opponent), and we can rest a 2-cost Battle Card and KO it on the spot, effectively weakening opponent's board state.

Heavy Hitters

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The heavy hitters are our late-game win conditions that we're planning to play to set up a lethal attack.

If opponent is down to two Life Cards, FS04-03-golden-frieza-925 can threaten to close out the game with his Double Attack. We're planning to drop opponent to 2 health and force a winning play with FS04-03-golden-frieza-925. Depending on the opponent's hand size, we might opt to put all our Combo resources to boost our Double Attack, potentially closing out the game.

However, even if we can't win the game on the spot, we're still forcing a lot of Combo resources from the opponent, and at the same time FS04-03-golden-frieza-925 is keeping one of the opponent's Battle Cards in the Rest mode, rendering them useless on the opponent's upcoming turn.

This weakens opponent's turn, and if they don't find an answer to remove FS04-03-golden-frieza-925, he's just going to keep going for those Double Attacks and keeping any threat rested.

As for the 6-cost FB02-140-golden-frieza, he's a bit difficult to set up in the current meta, hence why we're running only one copy in the list. Managing to play FB02-140-golden-frieza on turn 6 means we'll get to KO one of the opponent's rested Battle Cards.

As long as FB02-140-golden-frieza is on the board, any Battle Card an opponent plays that costs 5 or more will automatically join the battlefield rested. This is a strong effect to shut down late-game win conditions, especially for Green decks that heavily rely on their high-cost Battle Cards.

Extra Cards

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Since an Awakened Vegeta is giving us 2 Active Energy at the end of our turn, it's much easier for us to commit to our Extra plays, which we'll use to protect our Battle Cards in the mid-game.

FS04-16-death-ball's 15,000 Power boost can save one of your Battle Cards or protect your leader. You're also able to Rest one of the opponent's 3-cost or less Battle Cards, which is extremely valuable to slow down their aggressive pace, saving us from committing more Combo plays. FS04-16-death-ball can also be used offensively, boosting our attacker's Power if we're aiming to close out the game and resting a Battle Card that could be used as a Combo.

FB02-137-time-rewound works a bit different than FS04-16-death-ball. We only get to use it during our opponent's turn, but instead of resting one of their Battle Cards, we get to switch one of our own Battle Cards to Active. This comes in handy to protect one of your rested Battle Cards from getting attacked, forcing opponent to focus their attacks on something else. It also synergizes with FB01-113-cooler, letting you switch him to Active so he can act as a Blocker again and reactive his skill. FB02-137-time-rewound is also giving us a 20,000 Power boost, great for protecting key Battle Cards or our Leader.

Lastly, FB02-136-blue-power-awakening is a versatile card that can be used to create offensive pressure, protect one of our cards, or control the board. The 25,000 Power boost is insanely good but it can be difficult to set up with FS04-03-golden-frieza-925 if we don't already have him on the board from a previous turn.

In a lot of cases, we'll opt to use FB02-136-blue-power-awakening to either defend one of our cards or to KO a high-power rested Battle Card that can be a threat to us. We can combo it with cards like FS04-12-frieza to deal with an Active Battle Card on the board.

Techs and Options

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FB02-116-android-18 lets you rest two Battle Cards on the turn she's played, allowing you to attack them and threaten to KO them. The only downside is that FB02-116-android-18 has only 20,000 Power for 3 Energy, so she can be vulnerable when an opponent tries to KO her.

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Puts more pressure than FB02-116-android-18 with his 25,000 Power. He's also shutting down one of their Rested Battle Cards for the upcoming turn, weakening opponent's attack turn. The downside is FB02-122-son-gohan-adolescence's 5,000 Combo.

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A 25,000 Power that can block twice for us. For 1 Energy, FB02-106-whis can switch from rested to Active mode, letting you take advantage of that 25,000 Power, which means we'll need to use fewer Combo plays to protect our Leader/Battle Cards.

Aggressive Version

Since the list already includes a couple of Frieza Army cards, we can take advantage of that and use cards like FB01-119-jeice, FB02-110-ginyu-317, FB01-126-burter, FB01-109-ginyu, and FB01-132-recoome for the full-on aggressive approach to go wide on the board and force Combo plays out of opponent.

We'll also want to include Extra cards FB01-133-bonds-of-the-ginyu-force and [cardFB01-138-now-you-see-the-power-of-the-ginyu-force[/card].

General Tips

  • We're aiming to win the board presence using our Rest mechanics. So focusing on KOing their rested characters is essential and can even slow down opponent's ability to Awaken their Leader fast enough.
  • We'll prioritize protecting carry cards like FB01-113-cooler or FB02-119-son-goku with our Extra. These cards are allowing us to control the board, shutting opponent's Battle Cards and weakening their turns.

Mulligan Tips

  • We want self awaken cards like FS04-12-frieza and a powerful 4-cost like FB01-113-cooler or FB02-119-son-goku.
  • An early FS04-07-sorbet for card draw is great to have a play on turn 1.

Important Matchups

Red ToPKu

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  • ToPku wants to Awaken quickly and start going wide on the board. If possible we want to avoid attacking their leader, slowing down their Awaken. A leveled FB02-001-son-goku can go wide on the board, and from there it'll be difficult to keep up with them.
  • Cards that can self-damage their Leader like FB01-005-master-roshi, FB01-021-hit, FB02-018-son-gohan-adolescence are helping opponent awaken faster so we want to KO them immediately. FS04-12-frieza is perfect for that, slowing down their early game.
  • FB02-015-android-17 is a priority target for us to remove the power boost they're gaining on their Leader. In most cases, opponent will avoid attacking with FB02-015-android-17 so you'll be forced to rest him.

Green Broly

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  • We're up against a Ramp deck that wants to take things to the late game and start dropping big bodies. An Awakened Broly can be bothersome to damage with his 25,000 Power.
  • FB01-087-son-goku is problematic since it's offering them a free Ramp every time they Deramp, benefiting their Awakened Leader skill, and cards like FB01-101-instant-kamehameha.
  • FB01-078-android-17android-18 can KO two of your Battle Cards, shutting down your board on the spot.
  • FS04-03-golden-frieza-925 and FB02-140-golden-frieza are the carries in the late game, keeping their high-cost Broly rested for a whole turn. Your opponent might opt to attack with 8c Broly once so as to not put him in Rest mode so FS04-03-golden-frieza-925 doesn't shut him down.

Blue Vegeta

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  • The Blue Vegeta deck has access to a lot of card draw tools so it can be difficult to run them out of resources.
  • They have removal tools like FB01-068-sinister-sickle to control your board. It can hit our key 4-cost characters, shutting our mid-game plan.
  • FB02-061-vegito's cost reduction allows opponent to remove higher cost targets more easily with cards like FS02-06-son-goten and FB01-068-sinister-sickle.
  • FB02-058-vegeta is a must-remove as the Power boost he provides to Leader and himself is a threat and will force more Combo plays if you try protecting something.
  • Watch out for FB02-049-zen-oh, it can completely destroy your board. We want to avoid going too wide on the board at this point of the game, and instead use our high-cost threats to put pressure on them.

Closing Words

Although the Yellow Vegeta hasn't seen much success in tournament settings, this deck has a unique playstyle with its ability to make more use of Extra cards. It's been a great experience so far, even though the online client is rampant with ToKPu players.

This is it from me, if you want to keep up with my content, consider following me on Twitter.


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