Cell Green Leader and Deck Guide (FB02)

Learn how to play Green Cell in Fusion World with our in-depth guide.

The overall best color during the Awakened Pulse era, green hasn't been doing so well so far in Blazing Era. Indeed, the color has not gained a lot of new cards to add to its already strong decks, instead of developing the Android synergy, designed for FB01-070 and FB02-070.
As a result, green feels very balanced right now, with all four leaders packing a deck you could compete with on the online client or at your local store. Yet, none of the four green leaders have managed to break through in regional tournaments, where FB02-001 has been too much to handle.

In this guide, we'll take a look at FB02-070 and why it might be Green's best chance at dominating Dragon Ball Fusion World once more.
Want a little spoiler? FB02-102 is a nutty card.

Decklist & Card Breakdown

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Here is the list from the latest Tier List, posted on June 2nd for Cell:

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Key Synergies

  • FS03-13 and FB02-074 target certain type of cards in our deck. Both have the 14 Extra cards and 3 Battle cards (FS03-07 or FB01-079) as potential targets.
    Unless you already have a copy in hand, I would recommend picking FB02-102 whenever possible.

  • FB02-084 and FB02-101 will force us to place cards from our energy in our drop. Remember, you have a leader ability you can trigger at five energy to regain one for free. The only condition is to have a 3+ cost card in our drop, so pick those when discarding from your energy.

  • FB02-085 is used to pick extra back from our drop. The pick will always be either FS03-15 or FB01-101, depending on the energy you have available to use either.
    Also, this means you can use those as energy early on if you don't have a better choice available, then discard them to your drop with FB02-084 and pick them back in hand with FB02-085

  • FB02-089 is mostly used as removal, enticing the opponent to play cards with a higher cost than 3. The goal is to force them to play high cost cards instead of multiple medium ones in a turn, which we can then remove with FB02-084 On Play ability in the coming turns.
    However, if there were no worthy targets on the board, both FB02-074 and FB01-079 are solid summons.

  • The choice of drawing of adding the card to your energy with FB02-102 often depends on whether you have enough energy to play FB02-084 or not yet. Unless you see FB02-084 as the choice and without a copy in hand already, the choice should be fairly obvious most of the time.
    Remember to order FB02-102 properly with your leader ability if at five energy.

What to use as energy ?

FS03-16 can be an energy whenever we have FB02-102 in play unless we need to go a specific energy count and would gain a turn using it as well. Extra copies of FB02-102 can go once we find a copy of it.

Past these two, the choices will be a little less obvious. FB02-074 is a good candidate once we don't need the On Play ability anymore, as we can't use it as a combo. Same for FB01-140 if we expect to skip directly to eight energy and play FB02-084.

Past this point, the choice will be based on visualizing the rest of the match and figuring out which cards are the least necessary to your success.

Keep in mind, that you can get an Extra card you used as energy with FB02-084 On Play ability and then pick it back in hand from your drop with FB02-085.

Alternate Cards to Consider

FB02-071 Kami

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I would much rather draw than KO an opposing 1-cost with this deck, especially in a red dominated metagame where the card needs to be used as combo immediately to avoid being killed by some power affliction ability the next turn.
Yet, it is a popular inclusion amongst green decks, and we can't have enough 10,000 power combo cards.

FB01-103 Big Bang Attack

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The only card able to remove FB02-015 as our Battle Cards don't function against it, this is definitely a consideration. However, it is hard to figure out what to remove, as FB02-089 and FB01-140 are better removal against the other cards.

Likely, you would have to cut FS03-15 or FB02-074 to make some room. It wouldn't make sense to run just one copy if your goal is to reliably find it to deal with FB02-015. Maybe cut FB02-074 altogether, get a fourth FB01-079 and three FB01-103 if you want to go specifically after the Tournament of Power deck.

FB02-104 Earth-Destroying Blow

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A more expensive FS03-15 with a draw attached to it. After testing it, the deck has enough to function once you draw an extra card per turn with FB02-102 as you have enough energy. Then, the more flexible, cheaper card simply feels better.

FS03-10 Broly: BR

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You have two slots available for either this one or FB01-140, with both having their upsides. FS03-10 is stronger to push damage onto the opposing leader thanks to attacking twice per turn, but the ability won't save you from a large opposing board you couldn't handle. However, it will remove a big card in a green mirror match, which FB01-140 can't.
The draw ability used to be the tiebreaker, but we have FB02-102 to keep feeding us cards in this deck.

The same logic applies for playing FB02-089 over FB01-078. We'd rather have the combo and the flexible ability rather than the double-strike to push damage. Nothing is set in stone, though.

How to Play the Deck

The clear goal is to get to FB02-084 to turn stabilize, and start thinking about something else than playing only defense. Once we manage to stabilize their aggression, we can either try to run them out of cards, or become the pressure deck.

Card-wise, we have one of the strongest engines in the game, with FB02-102 feeding us an extra card per turn once set energy wise. Combined with the extra health from FB02-084, we are very difficult to kill if not in a critical situation. In this scenario, we would use FB02-085 to pick up some extra FS03-15 for defensive purposes.

If we don't want to take the long road to our opponent giving up on trying to kill us, we can also start pressuring their leader. Obviously, 45,000 power will require multiple cards to be blocked, but this is where the Extra cards, FB01-101 in particular, will shine.
Indeed, if we managed to keep FB02-085 in hand up until this point, we can start a loop where every attack gains an extra 15,000 power, as we pick up FB01-101 from our drop with the 2-cost every time we play it.
It might sound like nothing, but FB02-084 followed up by several 30,000 power attacks isn't so simple to defend. Plus, as we can trigger those 30,000 power attacks for free, the opponent can't use our rested energy as a sign they can relax until next turn.
If you also still have FB01-140 or FB02-089 on board as the opponent didn't bother to take care of them, you can quickly mount an insane amount of pressure.

Now that we talked about the great stuff we can do once at eight energy, we have to discuss what to do until we get there.
Here is the perfect scenario:

  • Turn Two : use Energy Marker for FS03-16 → 3 Energy
  • Turn Three : Charge one, play and rest FB02-102 → 5 Energy
  • Turn Four : Charge one, rest FB02-102 → 7 Energy
  • Turn Five : Charge One, play FB02-084 with your eight energies.

In this one, you even have turn four which is free in terms of what to do, with six energies available to use. You could develop FB02-089 and start removing some pressure from the board, or focus on drawing cards with FB01-079, FB02-074 and FB01-085.

If you are the first player, playing FS03-16 isn't as important, as you won't be able to play FB02-084 before turn six. Then, you would rather focus on drawing as much as possible to find FB02-102 if the card isn't in your hand on turn three.
However, you can play FB01-140 on turn five with seven energies when going first, which can be important against a pressure oriented opponent.

Overall, aggressively gaining some energy feels like the right move, as playing defense will require using a lot of cards. Considering FB02-084 gives us a health card back, we can afford to take some hits that would otherwise cost us too many cards to block, or require losing an energy using FB01-101.

Mulligan Guide

This one is pretty straightforward, we want our ramp cards, FB02-102 and FS03-16, or draw cards to fetch them. For example, you could consider keeping a hand with three or four draw abilities, especially FB02-074 and FS03-16 as these have high chances of finding our two ramp cards.

Important Matchups

FB02-001 Son Goku

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Against red opponents, and pressure oriented builds in general, we want to be particularly mindful about the amount of cards they have in hand through the course of the match. Indeed, this is the most important metric to know if we have a shot at running them out of cards and win through attrition, or if we should start pushing for damage ourselves as we won't hold the fort much longer.

Through the course of the match, we have little reason to attack their leader, but they will still get to three or four health, as they want to awaken sooner rather than later. As such, if you can set a turn with multiple attacks requiring multiple cards on their side to block, this is a great way to limit how much offense they can develop the next turn.
Otherwise, if they couldn't awaken, and didn't have much draw through the course of the match, a couple of FB02-084 can be enough to gain health and stabilize. Most of the time, dealing with such a large battle card demands too many resources, so they tend to ignore it. While the first one might not be enough, the second one will often close the deal, clearing a significant part of their board while giving us a lot of pressure for the future.

This match-up might require the deck to run FB01-103 in order to deal with FB02-015, which will be included in every red deck eventually.

FS02-01 Vegeta

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Blue opponents, Vegeta and Goku Black particularly, are difficult to run out of resources, as they have a lot of ways to draw cards or return some from their drop. Plus, the new FB02-044 is super annoying to deal with. As such, I would recommend trying to ramp early before they can mount too big of a board, and focus on turning the pressure around if possible.

I have played this match-up from the blue side more than as the green player, and most of my losses came to an early FB02-084 which I couldn't afford to block repeatedly.

Then, I would view this match-up as a race to establish your own comfort zone, as it will be challenging to push your opponent out of theirs.

FS03-01 Broly

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It is important to note green decks are not built for other green leaders right now but to have a shot against red opponents. As such, everyone will have limited to end cards which can clog our hand against aggressive opponents. Those match-ups will often be determined by who got the most ramp early on, alongside finding its big cards in time.

I feel like FB02-102 gives us a huge edge against other green leaders, as the extra card per turn will matter in the long run, while it is also the best ramp engine in the color. If we wanted to edge those match-ups even more FS03-10 would make sense instead of FB01-140 for the extra draw and double attack potential.

Otherwise, the big key to gaining an edge should be to hold FB02-085 for value down the line. Indeed, if we manage to develop a large board at once, plus attack multiple times, we can suddenly bring a lot of pressure the opponent will struggle to control. Then, just focus on ramping to eight as fast as possible, and think about value first and foremost against another green leader.

Closing Words

FS03-01 and FB01-071 both shined during the Awakened Pulse aura, but are struggling in Blazing Aura. FB02-070 isn't necessarily doing much better so far, but has much more room to grow, as its deck hasn't been refined over three months already.
With this in mind, I believe the new leader has the most upsides currently if you want to play green. Not only do you have access to the best ramp and draw engine in the game with FB02-102 against other slow leaders, but you also are the best equipped to use FB02-084, arguably the best defensive card in the game.

Then, while I can't guarantee the featured list is perfect, and would always recommend tailoring a deck to your strengths as a player. I do believe Cell is the leader with the most upsides in the color currently, only missing Broly's 25,000 base power.

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Good Game Everyone.


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