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Top God Rank Decks: Green & Yellow Leaders Lead the Way!

Reaching the highest rank in Dragon Ball Super Card Game Fusion World is no easy task. Not only one needs to learn the fundamentals of the game and hone their skills on a deck, the first reports from players who reached it estimate about 40 hours of gameplay in order to do so. So far, there are about thirty players in the highest God rank, but the amount of players reaching it is growing exponentially every day.

Fusion World GOD Ranking Leaderboard - March 6, 2024
GOD ranking leaderboard as of March 5, 2024

At the time of writing, the game has only been available for about five days. This means that about eight hours a day were needed in order to reach the God status, and some have even shared their rank during the weekend! So before we dive into the deck lists, I just wanted to remind everyone climbing the ranks isn't just about a good build. It requires focus, a solid understanding of both the basics and the popular matchups, and more importantly, the ability to keep a fresh mind for hours.

As such, even if these decks represent the dominant synergies in the game currently, let's not forget they were piloted by experienced players, able to play for hours at a high level of play. The boring disclaimer trying to get you to develop as a player rather than netdeck without the needed fundamentals to pilot the deck is done.

Which Leaders punched their tickets to the God rank?

Gohan got there first!

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We believe that Ryoyapon entered the God rank first this season on March 2 according to thier X post, making them the first ever in Fusion World. Their list was running four FS03-07 back then, but this was due to collection limitations. The consensus for the best Green 2-cost card right now being FB01-093, I made that change in the featured list if you want to copy it. The damage to your Leader could have some merit against other Green Leaders however, as Awakened FB01-071 hits like a truck. Yet, this is interesting to look at, as it shows we don't necessarily need an optimal list to get to the highest rank.

Sure, we can see a lot of Super Rare cards in there (FB01-078, FB01-140, FB01-096), but the intriguing part about the deck are the Extra Cards. First, there are no copies of FS03-15, a card widely regarded as a staple in a Green deck. Instead, Ryoyapon is running four copies of FB01-103 and FB01-101 alongside the usual four FS03-16.

With those choices, it seems like Ryoyapon decided to focus on controlling what the opponent could do, FB01-103 taking care of any card in a deck that is not Green or FB01-035. Plus, FB01-101 doesn't require you to keep energy open to protect yourself, and has synergy with FB01-087.

Overall, the deck looks very focused on exhausting the opponent out of their resources while making use of FB01-087 as much as possible. I could see this being a little too slow against very aggressive opponents, but I certainly don't want to go up against it with a midrange or control style deck.

Frieza dominates with a fast-paced deck !

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Already, FS04-01 received a lot of praises for its results in the Starter Deck metagame, with experienced players claiming it was the best out of the four. Unfortunately, because the deck isn't so simple to play, FS03-01 dominated the popularity rankings early on.

A few days ago, a more aggressive list of Frieza started to be shared online, and the Yellow Leader has been gaining tons of momentum since. It takes inspiration from the FB01-104 deck, including FB01-132 FB01-109 FB01-107 for some explosive plays. FB01-126 is also seeing play in those lists, often replacing FB01-111.

The list featured comes from Jonathan Ball in the Facebook community group, where several players were discussing the recent achievements of Frieza, as the Leader reached the god rank quickly after FB01-071 did. The very first players to get there with Frieza is Warp3k, but they haven't made their list public yet.

Apart from the aggressive package borrowed from Ginyu, the rest of the deck is fairly standard, with an emphasis on Frieza cards to maximize FB01-116. Overall, the deck looks like it focuses on never running out of gas, controlling the battle phase, and uses the Ginyu package to be able to pressure Green Leaders, which you should see a lot of currently.

Ginyu is the perfect deck for grinding!

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I got this list from a YouTube video by Selli, which I believe is Sellitto in the game. They used FB01-104 to get there, which is a Leader I expected to see a lot of when doing research for this article. Indeed, although FB01-104's hype in tournaments has only been temporary, as the metagame adapted to counter it quite fast after it rose as a great FB01-071 counter. Grinding the ladder is a lot about time management, so a deck which can play shorter games naturally should climb faster as well, as long as you can achieve a similar win rate.

There is a bit of a discussion regarding the deck, as players are starting to discuss whether FB01-104 is the right Leader for it. Cooler is regarded as a potentially superior one, as it has the ability to abuse the same strategy, but does better into FS03-01 or Red Leaders using FB01-025, thanks to leveraging the bigger cards in the deck better.

Also, FB01-001 is building some momentum as more players are considering it as potentially a stronger pick than FB01-104, particularly if FS03-01 is very popular. I couldn't find any lists in the God rank for it, but if you pulled a lot of red cards from your boosters, know that another color has access to a similar synergy.

Card changes the author mentioned they would make if they had the cards to do it:

  • FB01-107 → Fourth copy of FB01-119
  • FB01-114 can be a one or two of in the deck for certain opponents. Keep it in mind if you are missing a couple of cards.

Broly is the cheapest Leader to climb with!

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There is a big debate about whether one can play the game without putting money into it. I'm doing that experiment myself, and it feels like it's possible, although quite challenging once you reach the higher ranks. This deck has plenty of Rares you would need to play it, but with only two (three towards the end) Super Rares included, this FS03-01 deck from GhettoKaiba doesn't seem so difficult to build.

We can find a lot of common cards with the FB01-071 deck featured above, and it is interesting to see the synergy of both FS03-06, FS03-07 and FS03-03 isn't included here. Instead, we can once again see a lot of Extra Cards (twelve here, and eleven after the change) alongside the trio of FB01-089, FB01-087 and FS03-10, the crucial cards for Green currently.

We might already have identified the right way to play Green, with some flexibility in between which Leader to pick depending on the ability you value the most. This feels like a similar situation we just discussed with the Ginyu deck, where almost the same 50 cards look ideal for two different Leaders.

Card changes the author mentioned they made towards the end of the climb:

  • FS03-15 → third copy of FB01-078

Closing Words

So far, there are three lessons we can learn from the early rush to the God rank:

  • It is going to take a while if you cannot play multiple hours per day. Plus, these hours need to be quality time, you can't just throw your cards hoping for the best.
  • Green and Yellow are looking like the dominant colors right now, with two Leaders from each able to get the job done at the very least.
  • We want 51 cards in our deck. Every player sharing their list was using the minimum required, while the deck seem built around certain key cards you want to find as reliably as possible.

From these three takeaways, the two dominant colors are the most impactful information. Across the community, there is a consensus around Green and Yellow being stronger than Red and Blue. However, if we factor in the time we're going to need to grind through the rank, I doubt anyone will make it using a deck they dislike. Plus, if you keep opening cards in another color, you might as well start using it.

For Red, there is FB01-001 which plays similarly to Ginyu, while the other two are more midrange oriented options. I am climbing with FS01-01 so far, as I decided to take on free to play challenge. We're only in gold for now, but the win rate is promising, and I can't invest more than one or two hours a day in the game, so we're playing the long game here.

As for Blue, I'm seeing new ideas pop around the community, so I have no doubt we should get a solid Blue list eventually. FB01-035 looks like the frontrunner of the color, but I've seen some FS02-01 decks with FB01-039 included, and the synergies are promising.

If you're gunning for the highest rank in the game, I wish you the best on your climb. Unless you managed to build your perfect deck from your early pulls, remember this is a marathon, not a sprint. If you'd like to follow my free to play adventures, I share a little recap every day on my Twitter page. I also use it as a point of contact, if you needed to get in touch.

Good Game Everyone!


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