Blazing Aura Background

Banned and Restricted Announcement on June 20, 2024

Will ToPku receive a ban?

With the release of Blazing Aura (FB02), the second set of Dragon Ball Super Card Game Fusion World, the current meta is not a pretty sight to see in both tabletop and digital. The new Leader FB02-001 ("ToPku") is dominating and other decks unable to compete almost a month after their release.

Fusion World is an attempt by Bandai to relaunch the pre-existing Dragon Ball Super Card Game (Masters) with a fresh new gameplay that saw One Piece Card Game have massive success worldwide. Having said that, this kind of issue was something One Piece also experienced, and got better as more sets released.

Bandai released an announcement that supply issues are being looked into and on June 20, 2024, a banned and restricted announcement will be made to fix the meta:

[Message from the Developers]

Hello to all the players enjoying Dragon Ball Super Card Game Fusion World.

The entire development team would like to thank you for your patronage of this product since its launch.

Right from the release it has been in high demand and we’re still working on producing more starting with the booster packs, but it will still take some time before we catch up.

We offer our sincere apologies for the trouble this has been causing many of you.

Be assured more quantities are being produced so we thank you for your patience while this is being prepared and shipped.

With the release of booster pack [FB02] we on the development team have confirmed that a few of the cards are being used and winning to a much larger extent than anticipated.

To help fix this issue and improve the game environment at tournaments we are in the process of carefully deciding which cards require a ban or limit to not cause further issues or restrictions.

We intend to finalize further details about this and announce the card restrictions on June 20. Thank you for your patience a little longer regarding this.

We’ll do our best to create a game environment that allows all players to enjoy it.

The Dragon Ball Super Card Game Fusion World Development Team
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